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stars, planet, moons, et. al. . . .

The roots of an Exquisite Corpse–like Halloween–are planted in Surrealism. Given that, I tried to give myself license not to take myself too seriously when it came to rattling the skeletal threads of this Corpse together into a sequential body which, … Continue reading

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exquisite corpse update . . .

Thanks to those who’ve generously submitted to my “exquisite corpse” project. And if you haven’t but would like to, I’m extending the deadline until Monday, Oct. 27. (See previous post for the low-down.) I’m letting the responses percolate before putting together something wonderfully … Continue reading

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exquisite corpse, anyone? . . .

A week or two ago, the folks at WordPress sent me virtual “happy anniversary” wishes, reminding me that I’d started this blog with them four years ago. It’s hard to believe that I’ve kept this enterprise going all that time, and that … Continue reading

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Circling my night sky . . .

In response to my last post, diarist Rachel Dickinson extended the exquisite corpse tradition by using the last line of my haiku to create this lovely one of her own: Circling my night sky are bats and nighthawks snatching winged insects in flight. Night … Continue reading

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Stars, planets, moons . . .

My friend, esteemed poet Van K. Brock, sent me a string of powerful haiku (see Comments), starting with this apology: Margaret, sorry: all else should be more lovely, with stars, planets, moons. And so I feel compelled, in exquisite corpse fashion, … Continue reading

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