Honors/Awards . . .

Ribbons 7:3, Fall 2011
First Place, Tanka Society of America
2011 International Tanka Contest

years from now
I promise to remember
how you looked that night
alone on the verandah
holding moonlight in your hands

Sakura Award, 2019 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
Haiku Invitational Contest

in the blink
of an eye . . .
cherry blossoms

Second Place, Tanka Society of America
2016 International Tanka Contest

Holy Week . . .
in my Christmas wreath
two wrens nesting
as if to remind me
this house was once our home

“Caged Birds”
An (Cottage) Award,
2014 Genjuan International Haibun Contest

Ribbons 9:2, Fall 2013
Member’s Choice Award, “Afterlife” Tanka Café

what do I know
of this life or the next . . .
nothing more
than the woman I watch
feeding pigeons in the park

Second-Place Prize,
Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award Competition, 2013

alphabet soup
I practice cradling love
in a stainless spoon

Second-Place Prize,
17th International Kusamakura Haiku Competition, 2012

skywriting all the disappearing words between us

Honorable Mention, 2012 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
Haiku Invitational Contest

cherry blossoms . . .
the unfinished poem
in my pocket

Special Recognition, 2012 Fujisan Haiku Contest

blushing bride–
Hiroshige’s Mt. Fuji
her only trousseau

Sakura Award, 2011 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
Haiku Invitational Contest

cherry blossom . . .
the baby’s hand unfolds
around my finger

Honorable Mention, 2011 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
Haiku Invitational Contest

cherry blossoms—
we visit the graves
of the unknown

Ribbons 7:1, Spring 2011
Back Cover Commentary

at Toad Suck
I contemplate syllables
and old ponds
like a child puddle-jumping
loudly through soft falling rain

nothing in the window: The Red Moon Anthology
of English-Language Haiku 2012

“Prayer for the Dead,” a haibun,
first published in Contemporary Haibun Online
8:1, April 2012

carving darkness: The Red Moon Anthology
of English-Language Haiku 2011

mother tells me how
she’d like to die

Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, vol. 4, 2012

he says I speak
differently to strangers–
perhaps he can hear
the stilled whisper of love
in a mockingbird’s song

for meaningful work
between jobs
the chef spends his time
hand-feeding the birds

1st Honorable Mention, Grand Essay Category, Arkansas Writers Conference,
“The Mother Tongue,” June 2011

Finalist, Memoir Category, Writer’s Digest Competition,
“The Great Divide,” December 2010


10 Responses to Honors/Awards . . .

  1. Cara Holman says:

    Congratulations on all your honors, Margaret! I’m always pleased to see your name and lovely writing, when I run across it in my favorite journals!

    • Thank you so much, Cara! That means a lot to me, coming from you. Oh, by the way, I got the idea of doing these separate pages from you. It’s great to have access to the information in such a handy location and way to archive publications.

      • Cara Holman says:

        We learn from each other. 🙂 I’m pretty sure I first heard about Moonbathing through you, and I was definitely motivated to try my hand at tanka after enjoying yours so much. I am strictly a beginner at tanka, but am having fun dabbling with it. I archive my list of writings and links as much to keep track of them myself, as for others to read!

        • We do learn from each other. It’s wonderful to have access to so much knowledge and so many voices via this online community we have found. I’m glad if I introduced you to Moonbathing, and am flattered that my work might have inspired yours. It’s funny that, for me, tanka came much more naturally than haiku . . . which I feel I still struggle with more often than not. But your voice and others have definitely helped encourage me in that respect . . . so thank you, Cara, for your voice and support!

  2. Genie Jeanne Nakano says:

    I enjoyed reading your poems. What a gift you have.

  3. Scott Abeles says:

    All awesome, though I think “years from now” followed by “skywriting” are my personal favorites.

  4. Ramesh Anand says:

    Margaret, Stunning Achievements. Your blog is very inspiring! I like all the tanka very much.

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