The Countdown Continues . . .

From across the pond come three haiku by Irish poet Marion Clarke, writing about her father who died three years ago; her sister who died shortly after her 17th birthday; and a colorful “gran.” Thank you, Marion, for sharing these memories.

another winter . . .
my father’s garden seat
still creaking

A Hundred Gourds 1:3

Sleeping Beauty
under a Celtic cross
little sister

grandma’s kitchen . . .
a star-covered teacup
for the gypsy lady

Frogpond, Autumn 2012

And from me, a tanka from a tanka prose piece called “Milestones.”

lace-curtain Irish . . .
hand sewing the hem
with a blind stitch
I measure the distance
between mother’s last breaths

Haibun Today 6:1, March 2012

About Margaret Dornaus

I’m a writer and a teacher, as well as a haiku-doodler. I live in a beautiful woodland setting, surrounded by native oak forests, that inspires me to record haiku snapshots of luna moths and our resident roadrunner, and even an occasional black bear as it hightails it across the top of my road, my mongrel dog barking at its heels as I watch with wonder. My work as a travel writer has appeared in publications from The Dallas Morning News to the Robb Report. You can find examples of my travel writing–as well as excerpts from a travel memoir I’m working on–at my other WordPress site, Travelin’ On. What more than that do you need to know? Only that I started this blog with an eye toward collaboration. Got a haiku? Send it my way. . . . I’m all about new visions & voices. Best, Margaret
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10 Responses to The Countdown Continues . . .

  1. ornamental poppies another flag-draped coffin

    (First appeared in “Peace Cranes” an HNA 2013 Handout)

  2. alee9 says:

    Hola, mi amada hermana,

    How lovely your countdown!! Of course I wouldn’t want to miss this lovely tradition you’ve started! Here are a few I found among my files that might fit. Your choice…


    in bare willow trees
    the shape of longings

    The Haiku Foundation per diem (daily) Feb 2012

    first dawn alone—
    the widow eats his half
    of the orange

    First Place, free format category, Shiku kukai Sept 2013

    dust storm—
    strangers among the heirs
    at his wake

    May 2013 Shiki kukai

    shell shards—
    my footfalls dig
    into my roots

    June 2013 Shiki kukai

    • Mil gracias, hermana! I’m using the first three of these lovely haiku in my Halloween/Day of the Dead post tomorrow . . . The other sequence I’ll include in my comments. Thank you, as always, for your support and inspiration, dear hermana de mi alma!

  3. alee9 says:

    Hola, otra vez, mi amada hermana,

    I found this unpublished sequence, which I wrote on my favorite cousin’s death for which I went home to Manila for the first since I left for Canada for his burial. More recent and heartfelt, you might find them more fitting. But again, it’s your choice…

    seeking solace in haiku: a dark week in the tropics

    scented steam
    from mourning garlands–
    the tropic wind

    on gravel
    a day moon’s

    white Anthuriums–
    our grief drip
    by drip

    with a thud
    the first clod of earth
    on his coffin

    his father’s gaze
    from a white orchid wreath
    to splattered sunlight

  4. Chrissi says:

    Hi, Margaret! I will send a message to you now on facebook. Thanks!

  5. What a beautiful tanka dedicated to your mother, Margaret.

    Thank you for featuring my work on your site.


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