Warming up to winter . . .

winter morning–
too cold to notice
the difference

It’s cold.  Very cold.  I don’t much care for the cold, but I’ve already written about that.  Even so, before I had to pitch myself into yesterday’s sub-freezing temperatures, I sat down with a cup of coffee and tried to stave off the inevitable blast of winter by heading first to a familiar place that I’ve come to associate with warmth: Melissa Allen’s Red Dragonfly blog.  It was warm there.  Warm . . . and comforting, and inspiring.  But then, again, it usually is.  Yesterday, however, Melissa turned up the dial by posting a veritable heatwave of haiku on her 4ooth post, where her readers shared their words and, supposedly, gave Melissa “a day off.”  It wasn’t so much that it was a vacation for Melissa.  (It takes a lot of effort to coordinate and post all the responses she shared.)  But, for her readers, it was like attending a summer picnic in the middle of January.  Thanks, Melissa, for giving the rest of us a respite from the cold through the shared words of a community of friends who’re trying the best way they know how to make it through this world of winter–line by line, haiku by haiku, side by side.

coffee klatch—
replacing cold words
with comfort


About Margaret Dornaus

I’m a writer and a teacher, as well as a haiku-doodler. I live in a beautiful woodland setting, surrounded by native oak forests, that inspires me to record haiku snapshots of luna moths and our resident roadrunner, and even an occasional black bear as it hightails it across the top of my road, my mongrel dog barking at its heels as I watch with wonder. My work as a travel writer has appeared in publications from The Dallas Morning News to the Robb Report. You can find examples of my travel writing–as well as excerpts from a travel memoir I’m working on–at my other WordPress site, Travelin’ On. What more than that do you need to know? Only that I started this blog with an eye toward collaboration. Got a haiku? Send it my way. . . . I’m all about new visions & voices. Best, Margaret
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6 Responses to Warming up to winter . . .

  1. yeah. what you said, Margaret. i like that, through winter line by line.

    snow shovel
    the second warmth
    of the day

    i like both of those ku Margaret. particularly the first one, i remember days like that.

    numb fingers
    even the cold water
    feels warm

    • Aloha, Wrick. And thank you–you, of the land of dreams and coconut trees. How I envy you right now when it’s 12 degrees on my thermometer outside, not counting wind chill. “numb fingers” . . . I know that feeling. Like your ku, too.

  2. Awwww … thanks so much, Margaret! And no, it wasn’t exactly a vacation in terms of the amount of work required, but it was definitely a vacation in terms of the variety of scenery and amount of pleasure experienced. 🙂

    And I LOVE both your ku here! I am seriously cold-averse too. Why do I live in Wisconsin again? Hey Wrick … any houses for sale in your neighborhood? 🙂

    the cold
    biting into
    another day

  3. yeah. but what is your temperature inside the house? here it’s low 60’s outside. …and no heat in the house which makes it about the same inside as outside because windows do not actually close well. actually, right now the island is under flood warnings. it’s going to rain like a waterfall in the next few days. plus be windy. sometimes it’s like that tho. yeah, okay, i’ll take it. i did once get to school when i was littler and my fingers hurt so bad that even under running cold water they hurt from the cold. if i remember right it was one or two above zero or something like that. ha. yeah. cold is cold. and it snowed here. okay, high up, on one of the volcanoes. so… do you worry about volcanoes? ha. i dont particularly here either. altho the vog can occasionally be a little too noticeable… still… yeah, okay i can buy a coconut at the side of the road here and drink that delicious liquid fresh. yeah, i’ll take it. when it warms up i may even go down to the beach again. soon. ha. i better go sleep. i’m way past ramble time. aloha.

    snow fox game
    the hillside patina
    of tracks

    • It’s all a trade-off. No volcanoes here. Just tornadoes, at times. But still not nearly as many as where I grew up . . . in tornado alley. There is no Paradise, even though I live just down the road from it.

      By the way, I love your references to foxes. I haven’t seen a fox here for a while, although I know they’re out there. I saw a “flying” tree fox here once. But the last one I saw around the neighborhood was a large silverish one . . .

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